Hall of Fame and HOF Excellent Kennels

Hall of Fame Kennels are recognized by many organizations. In our case the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association (CKC) and the Australian Shepherd Club of America are who we primarily record our litter and titles with.

Both these organizations deem our kennel Hall of Fame Excellent which is designed to recognize a Kennel with a number of advanced titles in both working and performance, and also in conformation Champion titles holders. In ASCA a certificate of recognition presented Tucker Creek with the Hall of Fame Excellent titles when we earn minimum of 6 mandatory Stock dog Titles, 6 mandatory Conformation Titles, 5 additional titles in either Stock dog, Conformation or Obedience, Tracking, Agility & Rally.

The Canadian Kennel Club – Aussie National club CNASA awarded our Kennel with the #1 Hall of Fame Excellent in Canada for attaining their minimum standards for the award. In fact we have the first and only Hall of Fame Excellent sire in Canada – “Tucker” and 5 Hall of Excellent Dams as well. Our titles in both ASCA and CNASA well exceed the minimum expectations and our title holders are still hard at it.

Hall of Fame Sires and Dams

Both ASCA and CKC (CNASA) offer certificates for Hall of Fame Sires and Dams for the achievements of their progeny as well as their individual achievements. We have over 5 ASCA HOF sires and more on the way. An even higher number of Hall of Fame Dams (last count 7) in both Canada and the USA/ASCA. Check out each dog’s page to see their gallery and associated HPF certificates. You can also see their titled offspring. Males must produce at least 12 titles from progeny with advanced titles while dams only 8. 

Versatility & Supreme Versatility Awards

Organizations also can offer unique awards that recognize our individual dogs for their performance achievements. As well as awards earned  through competition, a dog who acquires the advanced level titles from many different performance activities, can earn what is called a Versatility Award, Supreme Versatility or Performance Champions. Supreme Versatility is typically set aside for a dog with a Champion title as well as a WTCH/Working Trial Champion or Advanced Herding titles (CKC) and at least three other advanced titles in agility, obedience, tracking and or Rally Excellent/Masters.  Tucker Creek has many Versatility, Supreme Versatility and Performance Champions who can attest to the Versatility of our dogs. For over 15 years we have been awarded Top Herding Dog in Canada, and Top Agility Dog as well once*, to a number of our dogs in consecutive years.

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Other Titles and Stock Dog Finals

For many a title isn’t important and we have many wonderful dogs in pet homes that enjoy cabin life and hiking, biking, family time and more. For those looking to do more with their dogs the many dog sports today are vast and growing.

Herding has been a strong focus for our dogs as their ancestors have passed down many special and strong herding traits. We strive for excellence win everything we do with our dogs and many people choose Tucker Creek dogs for this very reason. They are intelligent, naturally instinctive and teachable. They have a strong desire to work and play and we are grateful to the wide array of people who have our dogs who keep focused on many activities including Search and Rescue, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Tracking, Trick Training and more.

Stock Dog Finals

In the past 15 years, we have qualified for what is essentially the world finals stock dog competition with the Australian Shepherd Club of  America. We’ve had over 6 dogs qualify to compete and often 2-3 in the finals at one time. We have had in past years many of our dogs place well in the annual ASCA Stock Dog Finals competitions to finish among the top ten in cattle and ducks. Flash, Asti, Tiger, Vicky and George have all qualified and down well and see more of our dogs and those sired by Tucker Creek boys show up in the finals as well.