Tucker Creek Farm is located on 92 acres in the Slate River Valley on the outskirts of Thunder Bay Ontario. It is a small operational sheep farm with many pastures and several training arenas of varying sizes for maintaining stock, and training dogs.


Facilities at Tucker Creek are plentiful with a regulation arena, small round pens, sort pens, large fields – 10 acre, and 40 acre open areas for field work – Tucker Creek has been the host of ASCA , CKC and AHBA trials for over 20 years including the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Specialty in 2014.

The property has a regular trial arena 160’ x 230’ with a separate holding area and take/re-pen for sheep and for cattle. There is a 100’ x 100’ duck arena, a variety of sort pens, a race, alleyways, and a 50’ round pen for training. A 400’x 300’ training field is a fun place to train next to the arena and well over minimums for regulation size for other programs such as AHBA.

Post Advanced trials are held in adjacent fields along the creek. In addition, there are two large pastures in addition to that where you can train longer gathers or outruns.

Upcoming Clinics

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Herding Clinics

Each year we host at least one clinic with talented trainers we bring in from elsewhere to keep us sharp.

In-house clinics with Tanya Wheeler are also posted on the event calendar. The clinic schedule includes dates and locations outside of Canada and the USA as well as judging assignments. Occasionally we have mini clinics or seminars addressing different training issues, for example: Starting the Drive; Cattle clinics, The Outrun, etc.

Entry numbers for working spaces are limited so we can produce small, information-filled clinics. Typically auditing spaces are unlimited and you are welcome to bring a lawn chair and participate.

If you are interested in hiring Tanya for a clinic, please contact her at tuckercr@tbaytel.net to discuss dates and availability.

Private Lessons and Group Lessons

  • offered at Tucker Creek throughout the summer, subject to availability
  • options for ½ and 1 full hour

Students come to us with a variety of breeds for training on sheep, ducks and cattle. We are focused on a Foundation approach to training and provide herding classes that prepare the newbie herder and new to herding dogs, with the opportunity to sharpen their skills away from stock as well. These courses are called Dry Land Herding skills or games and a schedule of upcoming classes and events are posted regularly on our site and on the Facebook Page – Tucker Creek Australian Shepherds.

Looking for training resources?  Visit The Talking Dog at www.thetalkingdog.ca.

Tests and Trials

Each year Tucker Creek hosts several different events including Instinct tests, ASCA Trials (sheep, cattle and ducks), ASCA Post Advance Trials, Ranch and Farm Trials under the CKC and AHBA rules. 

Instinct testing is a great place to start if you think you’re interested in getting involved with herding with your dog. Each year we host at least one Instinct test at the Farm and invite people to come out and learn something about this fascinating activity.

Herding Instinct events are organized to offer a teaching environment so that participants learn about natural instinct and what it looks like. It is a Pass/Fail test and those demonstrating instinct will be given a certificate celebrating their dogs first step to becoming a working dog.

Instinct Tests are held a couple times throughout the summer and are often organized to provide day of education to newbies and familiarize them with the basic concept of what is herding and herding instinct. Often, they are unsanctioned fun events, but also sanctioned instinct tests are offered under the banner of the AHBA.

Upcoming Tests & Trials

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Herding Training and Boarding

We offer boarding for dogs in for herding training when space is available.

Dogs receive daily training and, when available, trialing either on-site or at a regional event. Dogs are worked and provided with true working farm experience to develop confidence and real control of livestock. They get regular assessments and updates sent to owners with the option of training sessions when owners return to retrieve their happy dogs.

Contact Tanya for more detailed information and rates at tuckercr@tbaytel.net.

Stock Rental

Stock is available for rent on occasion. A working session will be required first in order to assess the dog’s level of training and experience.