Jacks Bred by Us

We can’t keep them all! The philosophy we maintain is that even the best in a litter will often leave Tucker Creek. Occasionally we will co-own these dogs or maintain some opportunity to be able to get a puppy back or share a litter with the new owners.

This ensures we don’t hoard dogs simply because they are awesome, but that they will go to their own wonderful loving homes and often achieve greatness elsewhere.

We are proud to share the moments & accomplishments that so many of the Tucker Creek extended family have managed to achieve. We also love to share many of the super photos and action shots of dogs that started here at the farm.

It is here we congratulate and thank everyone who has shared with us their everyday life stories or wonderful moments in their TC dog’s lives.



Paris is co-owned with Lynn Hamon in San Diego California. She is devoted to Lynn and travels a great deal with her mom. She is active in agility, Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing. She has earned her FCI/Mex/& Pan American Championships and had one litter to Tucker...


Tucker Creek's Pipi Pipi is owned and loved by James Kennedy and enjoys her summers lounging at the lake. Altered


Tucker Creek's Life of Riley Riley also lives nearby and we love to see her pics and videos of her leading the horses at the farm of Rose and MayAnne.

More Beauties Bred by Us