Dog's Name:  Tommy

Hall of Fame Sire - WTCH Can ASCA Ch Tucker Creek's WWW Dot Tom RA RTDsc HAd HIsc SDA JV-O DNA-VP VCh Top Herding Aussie 2015

D.O.B.:  May 31, 2004
Colour:  Blue Merle, Copper & White
Health Clearances:  MDR1 HSF4 DM Clear
Hips and Elbows:  OFA Excellent & Clear
Eyes: CERF Clear
Teeth: Full Dentition, Scissor Bite
frozen semen available

Tommy's Temperament & Working Style

Tommy has always been a special dog and has been the protector of Tucker Creek Farm for more than a decade.  He was the silliest and most playful dog and much like his daddy, Tucker, he could diffuse even the most aggressive dog.  He loved puppies and children best and fostered his fair share of pups that would stay on with us at Tucker Creek. He was an extraordinary athlete as well and cleared fences with ease up to 7 feet 9 inches was a gate between the house and back fence.  If he wanted out he would be out.

He was, however, also very property protective and although he was unusually playful and friendly, he would not let anyone come on the property uninvited.  Although this can be a challenging behaviour to manage, it was only a concern for people who did not read the yard gates no matter how many signs we posted. His guarding trait was very specific to people coming in without one of us present. If we were there, he would gather an item for strangers to play with him and greet everyone with a shoe or a toy. Occasionally even after he had performed his guarding duty!  It was not something he passed along to his pups. He was a dog who taught me a lot and an adorable, loving, and creative creature whose pups carried on the shoe habit.

As a working dog, he was focused and useful in pens and the open field. He had a strong sense of group and hit heads and heels. On cattle, he was powerful and rarely picked a fight. His ranch sense along with his brother Rook was uncanny.

Tommy's Past Litters:
Tommy x Scorch
Tommy x Tick
Tommy x Sassy